Begin your baking career by speaking with our admissions staff, many of whom are graduates of The French Pastry School or pastry industry professionals. Every student has different needs and we are here to answer all of your questions. Here you’ll find more information on how to get started!


The French Pastry School offers world-class baking instruction geared to the aspirations of our students. Our unique commitment to you is continuous attention to the development of your career, from the beginning of your time with us until long after you leave.

Applicants, students, and alumni receive ongoing personal attention. From the moment you enter our doors as a prospective student, you receive one-on-one guidance from our staff who guide you through the admissions and financial options process. As a student, you receive continuous advice from your chef mentors as well as the administrative team who provide you with a myriad of options to explore in the baking field for job opportunities. Our graduates are the most well-informed baking professionals entering the field and are equipped to choose from a possible internship at the school, an externship, a part-time position, or a full-time job.

Application Process

What does it take to be a student of The French Pastry School? If you’re passionate about baking and want to start a new career, click here to find out the steps you’ll need to take to apply to our program.

Financial Options

Look over some of the options and then Contact Us so we can guide you towards a package that will work best for you.

Living in Chicago

Chicago has inspired architects, filmmakers, crooners, and artists of every medium. How will the city of “I Will” inspire your pastry career? Read more about what the Chicago has to offer students from all over the world and from every walk of life.

Career Placement

With the support of our chefs and faculty, we will be connected to your pastry career from the moment you walk in our doors until long after you graduate. During your time here as a student, we will coach you on the most important skills you need to find and land a job in the industry.