Endorsed Brands

In order to make extraordinary pastries, desserts, breads and confections, you will need training, skills, and, just as importantly, exceptional raw ingredients and equipment.  Students of The French Pastry School only use the best.

As a student in our impeccably-stocked kitchens, you will never be short of anything: Silpats, stand mixers, convection and deck ovens, extracts, glucose, chocolate, fruit purées, and so much more are always at your fingertips.  Our award-winning pastry chef instructors will introduce you to these materials in kitchens designed to facilitate your learning the art, science, and technique essential to entering the pastry profession.

We introduce you to The French Pastry School family: a network of among the best purveyors and manufacturers in the food business.  It is this family we invite you to be a part of.


Founding Sponsors

Cacao Barry
Cacao Barry

Chocolatiers, confectioners, master bakers and pastry chefs all over the world choose the Cacao Barry® brand because of its perfect finesse and superior taste and texture.


Offering the best of fruit in its many forms (purees, coulis, IQF-frozen fruit, decoration fruit, and more) to culinary arts professionals.


Demarle has a long history of innovation, of immense curiosity, of people who in turn made their contribution to the Demarle structure as we know it today to make it become the Gourmet Cooking specialist!

FBM Baking Machines

FBM Baking Machines, Inc. is the exclusive importer of the Finest Baking Machines and Bongard commercial ovens from Europe.


Irinox is known all over the world as the blast chiller and shock freezer specialist. A pioneer developer of the concepts of blast chilling and top-quality preservation in the catering, confectionery, ice-cream and bread-making industries.

Kitchen Aid

It all started in 1919 with the legendary stand mixer. In the years since, we’ve built an entire kitchen’s worth of products around the same quality craftsmanship, versatile technology and timeless style.


For more than 60 years, PatisFrance has been a brand synonymous with the choice of their clients, making certain to provide satisfaction in using only the best, true, and authentic, in total confidence.


American Almond
American Almond

From around the corner to around the world, providing ingredients that inspire culinary professionals is what we do. Time and time again, bakers, chefs, chocolatiers and ice cream specialists choose the premium quality products of American Almond Products. Company.


Arctic® began manufacturing and selling walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigeration systems in May of 1981. Arctic ownership has over twenty years of prior experience in the walk-in cooler industry.


Bravo Trittico machines are innovative combi-machines that heat, cool, freeze, and whisk producing an array of pastry, frozen desserts and savory foods all in less than one squared meter of space.


Cambro was founded by two brothers, Bill and Argyle Campbell, in 1951, when Bill invented the Camtray® and Argyle began selling the tray to the American Hospital Supply Corporation. The Camtray was quickly embraced by restaurant, hotel, school and cafeteria operators, and it became the industry standard. Growing from this heritage, today we offer the most complete line of sizes, shapes, colors and materials in foodservice trays. Bill's creativity was the impetus for new product development.

Chef Rubber

Chef Rubber provides specialty items for Artisan Chefs, Chocolatiers, Confectioners, Caterers and Mixologists. Chef Rubber is the premier supplier of products from colored cocoa butter, silicone molds and specialty ingredients to transfer sheets and plasticware. Custom transfer sheets, custom molds and items needed to build your own showpieces are available at Chef Rubber. Check out the ChefRubber.com to view over 4500 products.

Doran Scales

In 1976, as microprocessor technology was revolutionizing the electronics industry, the originators of the Doran scale design began manufacturing a highly specialized electronic laboratory grain scale. Sold under a private label, the device met the exacting requirements of the National Bureau of Standards and was approved for use by USDA/FGIS grain inspectors.


Formech has over 30 years of experience in vacuum forming technology. With an array of machinery, from manual to automatic, over 8000 customers worldwide utilize Formech to prototype and create perfectly formed parts for production. Widely utilized across many sectors, whatever your vacuum forming requirements, you can be sure that you'll receive specialist advice and assistance from the team of experts at Formech.


We provide innovatively designed serving carts, bars, room service products and cooking stations for the food and beverage industry. Our unrivaled designs give your food service facility the flexibility, customization and complimentary styles to achieve the look and feel to match your food service image and atmosphere.


Now there is one destination for your commercial kitchen and grocery store equipment. Complementing our full line of food equipment—from flight-type warewashers to countertop food processors—Hobart also brings you premier refrigeration systems from Traulsen and proven bakery equipment from Baxter. All backed by the only manufacturer’s service organization in the industry—nearly 1,700 factory-trained technicians across the country. Never before has so much support been so easy to find.

King Arthur Flour

We support and seek to expand all aspects of baking by being the highest quality product, information, and education resource for, and inspiration to, bakers worldwide.


Began 23 years ago by Nespresso in Switzerland with a simple but revolutionary idea - to create the perfect cup of Espresso coffee with exquisite crema, tantalizing aroma and full-bodied taste - just like skilled baristas. As the worldwide pioneer, Nespresso S.A. redefined the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their Espresso coffee through a unique combination of premium quality Grand Cru coffees, smart coffee machines and exceptional customer services.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas is proud to announce that its Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste was a 2011 sofi Gold Winner for the NASFT sofi awards in the “Baked goods, baking ingredient or cereal” category.


Paasche Airbrush

Paasche® provides the largest selection of airbrush models, industrial sprayers and support equipment worldwide.

Plugra European Style Butter

The secret to Plugrá European-Style Butter is a slow-churned process that creates less moisture content and a creamier texture when compared to average table butters.

Robot Coupe

For over 30 years Robot Coupe U.S.A. has been the foodservice industry leader in the development and refinement of commercial food processors and vegetable preparation units.

Savage Bros. Co

For over 150 years, Savage Bros. has continuously manufactured confectionery machinery. Our candy making and chocolate making equipment are recognized worldwide for long lived quality and reliability.

Spring USA

Form and function combine in the SmartStone Induction System from Spring USA! Installed beneath engineered granite or recycled glass countertop material is a unique induction warming system. Designed to hold food for buffet service, the magnetic technology enables diners to enjoy perfectly maintained foods. When the event is over, the servers are removed and the countertop is available for normal use.


For over 15 years, Society of Industrial Systems and Processes has been manufacturing equipment for confectioners and bakers from their facilities in Presles en Brie, France.


Thermohauser was established in the mid 1920's in what was a textile region of Germany . We manufactured and sold high quality reusable pastry bags.